Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Finding an apartment in NYC is an epic quest not unlike Frodo's journey through Middle Earth. I am not kidding. Navigating New York City involves knowing some important facts and guidelines that will help ease one's transition into city living. For one thing...usually a lease is not involved in the deal. You may also have the distinct pleasure of paying exorborant amounts of money for an apartment that will not have air conditioning. Did I mention that most bedrooms are around 10 x 10? Put a price tag of anywhere from $700-1200 as your personal cut of a 1-2 bedroom apartment for that small bedroom and you will get an idea of the real estate in NYC. Living alone in a studio? $1400+/mo. Eat that, Frodo.

After viewing many places and meeting many...interesting...people, I have found my apartment in Queens (Greek food aplenty!) and am very excited to move in with a very stellar and laid back Scotsman. I will officially move in the end of this month and officially start grad school the first week of September.

In order for me to better reflect on my time in New York City, I have created this blog to share all the frustrating--and often humorous--moments.

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