Friday, September 2, 2011

The Spiral of the Universe and the Case of the Missing Boxes

FAB title, amirite? Alrighty, well--the newest adventure spans two days:

Day 1: Disco Inferno
Several issues presented themselves today that made me fling into crisis mode. For one the train down and most trains running North/South on the island are express, which is bad for my purposes. So, taking a new line is no big deal. Taking a new line to somewhere you have never been, no big deal. Taking a new line to somewhere you have never been to not figure out where you are supposed to exit, ...somewhat a big deal. Walking around trying to find Jane Street for fifteen minutes and walking up and down the same streets with onlookers clearly marking you as an idiot, priceless.

Two, mid trip I realized that my landlord had tried to process a check that bounced--a check from my old account which I had THOUGHT was already processed. Having changed banks, I had to quickly address the issue so I wouldn't be kicked out of the apartment. That was a super morning!

However, I did finally meet up with my friend, Rebecca, via Grounded on Jane Street--good teas...Alex would be proud. So while Rebecca worked on her laptop, I savored a White Melon Tea with so much ice I could cry and listening to a whole album of David Bowie. Why, yes, I *do* know all the words. V. good NYC.

Yet, my buzz died instantly upon discovering that I had apparently (despite filling out the MPN twice) not filled out my paperwork correctly and was notified that I would NOT be getting my money for school the first month. Luckily, this has happened enough and I was assured that I would be covered and to just fill it out yet again. Crisis adverted!

Rebecca and I walked around and met up with a few people and ended up walking at Chelsea Pier and seeing the World Trade Center memorial progress. Round out the trip in the Village and it was a good night. The highlight, a woman in Dunkin Donuts.

She believed that because of my hair, I had the potential to have otherworldy connection from African descent. She believed in underground cities, where the Dalai Lamas (yeah, plural) and Adam and Eve were hanging out currently. She called it the Spiral Universe. Sounds strangely reminiscent of Yeat's Cyclical Time. This sounds like an art project.

Day 2: Lord of the Rings, UPS Edition

Lesson learned. Do not ship things to NYC that need to be there on a very specific day unless you overnight via air. Ground is completely unreliable in regards to UPS and general mail. I have fourteen boxes currently resting in Jersey that were meant for today. Not to be. It will be Wed at the earliest when I will see the rest of my stuff. Pure joy.

Also, am awaiting a desk and office chair that according to Office Depot was "delivered" yesterday. I'm hoping my home office area isn't the current side street special.

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